Played with the lathe today Clausing 6903

Today, I adjusted the clutch/brake, installed the side covers, hand wheel for spindle and basically finished off the restoration.

Still need to reverse phase on the motor since fwd / rev is backwards.

So I spent a bit of time trying to learn this critter. It is a bit odd compared to the Leblond Servoshift I normally use at work.

It has 54 different feeds for both cutting and threading.

To select them, you have a shaft sticking out the side that meshes two sets of gears, a A B C lever and a drum that selects 9 more gears. To move that one you have to move a lever from down to up to shift across the 9 gears.

Being a varidrive, changing speeds is continuous except for engaging back gear. There you turn a dial on the face of the machine and pull a pin that locks spindle to various spinning stuff. If you don't spindle is locked. Hard on the varidrive belt.

The feed lever for infeed and cross feed is traditional but the screw cutting lever is up to engage, down to release. Totally backwards for me.

The only good thing about this is that if your cut feed is towards the chuck, your screw cutting feed is away.

Most lathes you can turn off the lead screw. One this lathe, cutting feed is handled by a groove down the lead screw and screw cutting by half nuts.

I've been cautiously learning the gal. Don't want to break her.


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