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Anybody have a source for short premade pieces? I have an application I am trying to setup that would benefit from a piece with a total working length of about 5' give or take, but five feet of rubber hose laying out would be a hindrance atleast part of the time.

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Bob La Londe
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Hey Bob,

Note the "length" versus the "retracted length" of these.

I have two that are pretty short, called "whip ends", that are used between the rubber hose and the tool, and without running to the shop to measure anything, they are about a foot long coiled, and stretch to about 8 feet in use. I'm pretty sure they came from Princess Auto, which is the equivalent to Harbor Freight basically.

Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.

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Brian Lawson


That is basically what I am thinking. I had not found any shorter than 15' and that was just a bit to bulky for the application.


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Bob La Londe

You can buy coiled nylon and urethane tubing and the appropriate end fittings from 1/8" dia and up. McMaster carries a selection. SMC and others will have more, including coiled multiple tubes.

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Ned Simmons


We use Freelin Wade, in McMinnville, OR, for our custom-length coiled hose assemblies.

Phone is 503-434-5561. Pete McMillen is our sales guy, very helpful.

Products are made in the USA.

If I recall, they have a PDF catalog on their web site.

HTH, PaulS

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Paul Schiller

Stop at any industrial hose shop. I think you will be surprised at the low cost of custom hoses. A typical place does hydraulic, air, and liquid with a vast array of fittings and ends.

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