Polishing aluminum

I need to make a set of the mounting channels for a neo-angle shower stall. I have the doors and the side channels, just not the upper and lower pieces. Gong through the dealer chain just didn't work.

I can get a standard channel section that will work, plan to notch and weld the 2 joints per piece. Weld area will not be visible so HAZ and weld material is not an issue. So how do I get a matching polish level on the new pieces? Is there a surface finish applied when done?

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Sand with progressively finer sandpaper, wetted with kero or WD40 until you get to 600 grit, then polish on a buffing wheel with compound.

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Jim Stewart

These channels are AL with an anodized finish probably? If so, the short answer is you aren't going to match the finish short of stripping and re-anodizing the whole thing. A better plan would be to machine up some close fitting inserts and screwing the connections together.

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Pete C.

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Martin H. Eastburn

Impossible to offer any meaningful assistance without a good photo of the finish you seek to match.

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Don Foreman

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