Press fit air pressure?

I'm going to press fit a .250" shaft into a bottomed (no opening on
the other side) hole .249" in diameter. I'm wondering if air pressure
is something I should worry about or will the air find little gaps to
escape? Or is the internal pressure not even a problem? If this is a
potential problem I cound mill a .001" groove along the shaft to allow
air to escape. Thanks for your thoughts and comments.
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Look at drilling a small air bleed hole in the bottom of the bore if you can use it like this, or even better, drill a larger bottom hole to get the pin back out if it gets broken.
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Harold & Susan Vordos
It's common practice to grind a small flat on one side of the pin. The air will *not* escape on a press fit, no.
Michael wrote:
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Grant Erwin
I would not worry about the small amount of compressed air. If it leaks out that's fine. If it doesn't so what? HTH
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