Pros and cons Hydrovane re piston compressors?

What are the pros and cons of Hydrovane compressors versus conventional piston types? I am looking to buy a compressor to run a small cabinet type bead blaster. I am in the UK and have 240 volt AC mains able to run up to about 6 Kw (but need to consider starting current, so a staged start twin 3 HP motored piston types the limit) but also have a 3 phase rotary converter that runs a 2 post 2.5 tonne vehicle ramp, or a medium sized lathe or Bridgeport mill OK. If necessary i will have to consider buying a 3 phase generator, having 3 phase mains installed will cost over 6000 UK pounds (about 12,000 dollars US). I was hoping that perhaps a Hydrovane had less start up current draw, or was maybe more efficient? Thanks.

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I went the Hydrovane route for my bead blaster however it isn't sufficient on it's own and I have a LARGE tank that I charge up.

Pros: much quieter and more volume per hp Anti: very expensive


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Andrew Mawson

My back-up is a 7.5 hp hydrovane. I have 3 Quincys as my main staged to kick-in one at a time to supply demand. I doubt if #2 kicks-in 10% of the time. (I wonder where the Quincys are...) Sometimes I just run the Hydrovane just to keep it exercised. The Quincy is perfect for steady demand and runs constantly and it magically "unloads" itself when demand is low. It's nice and quiet and I kinda' like the whirrrrr. I had to have it rebuilt 15 years ago at a huge expense as that job is not for the faint of heart. I do have all the air feeding two 80 gal tanks as a buffer but the Hydrovane is meant to just feed the line without a tank.

If your demand is steady, go for the Hydrovane. Knowing that you MUST keep the air filters perfectly clean and the oil changed very frequently and the cooler fins very clean. You don't buy a Hydrovane, you marry it!!! A Quincy is a perfect neglected mistress that you can ignore and it still puts-out on demand.

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Tom Gardner

. The Quincy is perfect for steady

ooops...I meant to say: "The Hydrovane is perfect for steady demand"


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Tom Gardner

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