Punch & die question

I want to blank a part that kinda' looks like a butterfly. It's about
7" by 5" and is 16ga CRS. I need about 2,500/mo. I have a die set that
will accommodate the die and fit in my 60 ton Bliss. The die set was
used to make a similar part and the blanking die itself is a slab of 8"
by 6" by 1-1/2" O-1 tool steel.
What I would like to do, since I don't have that big of a slab of O-1,
is to sandwich a piece of 1/4" or 3/8" on top of a 1" piece of CRS.
And, do the same with the punch. I'm just concerned that the O-1 will
blow apart. Any experience with this idea?
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Tom Gardner
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