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A friend of mine is building up a small proto shop for his employer, and is having quotes done for a 2 axis cnc. While prototrak is the industry leader, I have long had reservations about their control strategy, primarly that lack of software travel limits, something that was standard 20 years ago. Please PLEASE don't rant on abut how great prototraks are, I will take your comments as written.

I simply want to give the man options. I would never buy a machine without some choice involved.

I see msc sells a fagor control, and that name has been around for years, but I know nothing of it. Does it have other flaws or limitations?

Any other control options? No, this is not a DIY project so he's not going to be retrofitting anything under any circumstances. Available packages only.

Point me in a direction, give me a name you like and I'll do the legwork.


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as cheap as 3-axis toolroom mills are these days, I can't imagine it wouldn't be considered

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