Assitance with Project?

I'm looking for someone who has the expertise to help me with a small
project for which I do not have the knowledge to do myself but which
should be easy for any electrical engineer with an added flair for
writing simple software. The results will be used in my current
business for which I have been a trusted name for twenty years, and I
therefore believe it will have a good market.
I estimate your time investment to be less than a day. All I need is
the design from which I'll do the legwork, and we can negotiate a
verifiable percentage of sales for your payment. I'll be able to
supply you with the necessary hardware to play with.
This is not what it is, but if you are capable of taking input from a
microphone and displaying a spectrum of sound waves on a computer
screen with a serial, or better yet USB interface and program, you can
do this project.
If interested, please write to me at and I'll
give you more details.
David Ferree
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David Ferree
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