How does a voltage regulator work?

I assume it adjusts the voltage in the field coil.
Therefore, there is no way to adjust the output
voltage of a permanent magnet generator other
than by adjusting the speed of the rotor ./?
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Al Smith
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You can control the voltage by having a coil around the magnet and controlling the field by saturation. Look up saturable reactors, the principle of saturation has MANY applications.
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You could add some capacitive or inductive reactance to the generator output.
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Paul Hovnanian P.E.
Look up the term "shunt regulator". My motorcycles' voltage regulator controls output voltage by shunting un-needed current to ground thereby reducing the alternators' output voltage with the IR drop internal to the alternator. The alternator is a fixed (PM) field three- phase device connected directly to a 6 rectifier full wave bridge. ARM
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Alan McClure

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