Question about drill bit quality

I just uploaded photos of stainless steel drawer pulls I made to the dropbox (stainless_pulls_[0-4]). In the course of the project, I had to make 60 3/8" holes in the 1/2"

303SS handles and tap 60 8-32 holes (uggh) in the posts.

I was dreading drilling those holes using my benchtop Delta woodworking drill press. However, I just purchased some drills made by Precision Twist Drills on craigslist and those drills cut through the 303 like butter. With the 135 deg. split points, I didn't even have to center punch them before drilling.

So after drilling all the holes, I began to wonder if the ease in drilling was due to the bits or the 303 (I've always used 304 for projects before). So I chucked one of my (new) HD Blu Mol black oxide drills and it bounced around the rod and wouldn't bite. I put the 3/8" PTD bit back and started the hole. I rechucked the Blu-Mol bit and it screamed and chattered and smoked when trying to drill the stainless.

So obviously, the PTD cobalt bit was much better. Then I looked up PTD on this newsgroup and some posters disparaged the brand as "wretched" and overpriced.

Obviously, they work for what I need and I got a great deal on them and not replacing them. But over the last few days, I've been telling my hobby friends to get the PTD bits (we are your avg. HD/HF shoppers, not machinists), but now I'm wondering if there are better brands for the same or lower price.

Thanks in advance, Aaron

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