Rare earth magnet question

So you now have an overload of ideas magnetically oriented. But nobody suggested the ideal device for such a task: a METAL DETECTOR. Why not I wonder? Never heard of such a thing? Surely not! They not only find gold nuggets, they are VERY good at finding iron scrap :-0 Ah, I get it. You want to collect that space junk on the run? Get off your ATV and walk a bit, its good for you :-) Klaus (the only lateral thinker here :-)

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"klaus" wrote

I am waiting for May3 now, for additional angioplasty and stents five years after a five way bypass surgery and aortic valve replacement. I can walk, but choose not to a lot. Im 5.10, 185#, and in reasonable health except for my heart.

When we go ATV searching and riding in the desert, we sometimes cover thirty to sixty miles a day, and that is through hill and dale, not just driving down the roads. We quail hunt from ATVs rather than walking ten miles or so in a day like we used to.

I need to walk more for exercise, but I would be hard pressed to walk as far as I can ride on the ATV. It will be a few months now before I can get back to walking a lot.

Enjoy your ability to get around while you can. Some day, all at once, it may change.


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