?RC hardness of steel vs yield strength?

I have been searching for a cross reference on line, but have found
I just got a 1968 Borg Warner PESCO Handybook that has such a chart
"inexact and only for steel"
RC 20 ... 108 ksi
RC 60 ... 314 ksi
I am principally interested in gun design.
Anyone know anything?
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Here's a couple(hardness vs. *tensile*)..
formatting link
formatting link
Searching the string
"hardness conversion" rockwell yield
"hardness conversion" rockwell tensile
in google turns up plenty of promising links.
Ned Simmons
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Ned Simmons
1 point Brinell = 500 psi tensile stength purty durn accuratly. If you ever go through the physics of how the Brinell test is done you will see why.
Not quite as accurate, but close enough for most of us is the relationship 1 Rc = 10 Brinell
So... 1 Rc = 5 ksi close enough for gumnt or home shop work.
Using 1 Rc = 5 ksi on the values you got from PESCO
Rc 20 = 100 ksi Rc 60 = 300 ksi
Not far off and the error is bit on the conservative side.
Clark wrote:
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