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I got an ancient tire pump a few months ago. It didn't work, but I figured I could fix it. It was butt-ugly but when I got it home it turned out to be made

100% of brass except for the main shaft which is stainless. The shaft was bent. I straightened it, lubricated the leather, and plumbed it so the end was 1/8-27NPTF so I can use blowgun ends in it.

Boy is this handy to have around the shop for blowing out holes after drilling or tapping! I just grab it and pump, way quicker than pulling out an air hose and finding a blowgun for it. And the air stream is much less dangerous than

90psi shop air too. I haven't yet blown a freshly tapped chip into my eye, but I always do worry.


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Grant Erwin
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Now Grant, that is entirely against the whole premis of this group, which is the acquisition of ever-larger POWER machinery. How here you come with this Luddite blowgun thing.....

But I can relate to the wrestling out the airhose and finding the nozzle (adult ADD kicks in here) all just to blow the chips out of that recessed hex-head screw so you can get the wrench in there.

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Rex B

Which is why I rigged up my shop with lengths of air hose permanently attached to a supply pipe attached to the ceiling such that the hose hangs down at the back of the bench. When I need it I grab the hose and fire. I also attached a blow gun to the end of the bench next to the vise with a cable so I can't loose it. I have another one for working in other places.

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And pressure regulators can be installed to give you softer blowing devices. Oh, and one can wear safety glasses. But those don't really have anything to do with the fact that he who dies with the most tools wins. ;-)


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Donnie Barnes

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Mike Berger

I guess I'm a worse Luddite, I use a soda straw to blow chips out of holes. HINT: use a flex straw so you don't blow the chips into your eye!

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Nick Hull

I use my shop-vac when possible.


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Jon Danniken

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