lathe tool carbide insert holders

I got some Carboloy lathe tool carbide insert holders part no: TG24096.

Can I use any brand of carbide insert in these?

What do I have to look for to get carbide inserts that will work with these holders?



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Check the carboloy website. Kinda expensive though. Find your toolholder and it will say the insert for it. You probably can use any insert with the same dimensions and specs.

Funny you have this problem. I have inserts and had no toolholder to put them in, at least not until I made my own.

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Tried looking at the carboloy website but I can't seem to find a match for these toolholders.

Maybe I should just put them back up on ebay and hope to recover some of the moola I spent on them. Got a little over zealous in my bidding. I should've known exactly what they were before I bought them. I did find them listed used somewhere else for $10 - $15 each, but I still couldn't track a source of info on the inserts they use.

I guess $52 wasn't too bad a price for 17 of them, IF I could use them.


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