Removing Scratches from Mirror Finish 18/0 Stainless

Is there any compound or polish I can buy to remove some fine scratches from mirror polished 18/0 stainless steel cookware? Would like something that can be used by hand. Is there such a product? Would really appreciate some recs. Please also e-mail, if kind enough to reply.Thanks!

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On 05 Oct 2003 20:47:47 GMT, (Sheellah) pixelated:

Try straight toothpaste (not gel) on a piece of paper bag. or Try BonAmi cleansing powder on a sponge. or Buy some jeweler's rouge and buff with it. or Take it to a jeweler and have him use some rouge on it.

Not likely.

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Larry Jaques

Flitz is likely your best bet. It is carried by many hardware stores.

I am sure you can find it with a google search

flitz metal polish

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Commercial stainless polishes, such as Dico Stainless Steel Polish. They're made for power buffing but they're much more aggressive than traditional polishes, and they're the only ones, in my experience, that are reasonable to use on a large area of stainless, by hand.

They're also excellent for other types of steel, and give an exceptional polish on mild steel, similar to the results you can get with Simichrome, but much faster-cutting. Smear some on a piece of tempered Masonite and try lapping your pocket knife blade with it. It's great for those tricks where you hold a sheet of typing paper by one corner and slice it in half with the knife, with no other support.

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Ed Huntress

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