repoussé molding other stuff?

I have been playing around with repoussé - hammering brass sheet against pitch to raise and lower the surface to make an image/object. I read a couple of books and ground some punches from drill rod and am mildly pleased with the result. It has occured to me that what I have is a very thin mold with postive on one side and negative on the other and I could use this to a. cast aluminum directly - if I had a separator to keep the alumium (at about 1300F) from sticking to the brass. any one suggest a separator? b. cast either positive or negative lost wax bodies or direct cast investment. I mean I could model in clay and make a latex mold of that and cast the wax or investment, and I have done that

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but the metal seems a durable option.

It hardly seems to me that I have invented something new, so can people tell me where someone else has done the thin metal mold thing and whether there are some web sites showing work.

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Mike Firth
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Make a plaster mold and cast into that, be sure to bake it first to drive out moisture.


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