rewiring 440 3 phase to 208 3 phase

First time posting here- have enjoyed the forum in the past (enjoyed
reading "teenut's" posts too!!) and found it very informative.
Hopefully someone can help me with my wiring question.
I have a bench grinder that I believe is currently wired for 440 3
phase. The motor has 6 wires. 3 going to a terminal block, and 3
bundled together. I need to wire this for 208v and there is no wiring
Any help would be appreciated.
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There should be a nameplate listing the voltages. It's a UL requirement that they be permanently affixed but they're often painted over and hard to find. Three wires tied together is the higher voltage configuration. Getting the rotation right is hard to advise you on without looking at the thing though. Maybe it's time to 'pay the man the $2.00`. MadDog
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Are there little numbers on wires? (numbers 1-9)
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