Rotary tables and Chucks

What is the best way to mount a chuck on top of a rotary table? Are there
adapters that go into the center or is it a matter of clamping the chuck and
centering it each time? I see from the Travers catalog that some rotary
tables have a morse taper in the center, but I don't see any adapters that
would go to a chuck backplate. I must be missing something quite obvious
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I have a plain back three-jaw and a plain back 4-jaw chuck for my little rotary table. I mount them to the table using T-nuts. Then indicate them in. To help align them (roughly) I put a MT-2 arbor blank in the table -- e.g., turn a straight section on a Jacob's taper chuck adapter. It has to be long enough so that the chuck jaws can grab it. Then tighten it down, perhaps with a little hammer tap and an indicator if you have to set it really precise. Once set, open the chuck jaws and pop the MT- adapter out. It takes longer to describe than to do.
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Boris Beizer
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On rotary tables that have a fixed diameter circle ground in the middle, you should be able to make a backing plate with a register a few tenths smaller than this diameter, this would get you extremely close when you first put on the chuck.
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You can see how I mounted a chuck on my rotary table on my website on the Projects Page. Matters not what kind of mount the chuck has / had originally the concept is still the same. Visit my website:
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I bought a 4-jaw chuck that is about 1/2 in. larger in dia. than the table. I then turned a recess(1/8" deep) in the back of the chuck that fits the table snugly. Drilled 2 countersunk holes in the chuck body to hold it down on the table with T-nuts and socket-head cap screws.
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Randal O'Brian

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