Rowe fractional gearmotors

I was going through my Stuff and found a small
gearmotors. Marked ROWE 500 Series Made in Mexico
No other info. solder tabs on the side for input voltage, shaft is
about 1/8"
No info I can find on the net. Shrug.
Gear box is heavy casting, riveted shut. Motor body about 1 1/8" in
diameter, gear box about 1.5 x1" x1". Total length from ass to end of
shaft about 3", shaft about .75 long, with flat milled on the end.
Anyone have any data? Anyone need em? Probably 20 in the case.
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Gunner Asch
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Just a guess- replacement parts for the Rowe 500 series of vending machines?
Kevin Gallimore
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