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Well, just in case anybody is interested, I got the laptop from Gunner. Mixup in where FedEx holds packages in my area.

Damn, this thing looks like it would stop a small caliber pistol round. VERY well built. Lots of I/O ports. 2 USB, VGA, serial, network, modem, bluetooth and wifi built in. CD/DVD writer.I put XP on it, as I had an unused XP pro disk. Win 7 would be a better choice, as I had to change HD interface from AHCI to IDE in the BIOS. Still have to change it back, but it's a little involved after OS is installed. XP will not install without changing this. Win 7 is supposed to. Have not installed drivers yet. This thing is gonna work great. Has a hard drive preheater, lots of other stuff listed under stealth options in the BIOS. Definitely a great deal. Thank you VERY much.

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Steve Walker
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Hello, all,

I just got a job to do some deep hole drilling in Plexiglas. This needs a bunch of 0.6mm holes 20mm deep! That is 33 X diameter, which sounds difficult. I expect to peck drill it, with flood coolant and brushing the chips away. I've machined a lot of Plexi, but never anything like holes that deep.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to do it without a catastrophe?



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Jon Elson

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