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I'm using a dc motor & a servo amp to run the lead screw on my lathe. The servo amp is an Advanced Motion Controls model 25A20:

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I'm setting the speed with an analog input on pins 4 & 5 ("REF"). This is described as "Differential Reference Input (±10 V Operating Range, ±15 V Maximum Input)". My assumption was that this voltage could go to

15v, but beyond 10v there would be no additional effect on the output. I was wrong. The output continues to increase as REF increases to 15v. I didn't check if it was linear in the 10 - 15v range.

The question is: is it a bad idea to use it in the 10-15v range? It might be useful to have the extra output in certain special cases. E.g. rapid reverse.

Thanks, Bob

PS - is there another NG that might be better posted to?

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Thanks for all the responses. To clarify what I'm doing: I had set the gain on the servo to give a maximum feed rate of 1/2" / second, with a

10v input. I have an op-amp controller feeding the servo 0 - 10v. But I can get an out-of-bounds condition where the op amp output is 15v.

So I think that I'll put a 10v zener clamp on my controller output for the forward feed, but use -15v for the more-rapid reverse.


BTW - this is turning out very nicely & I expect to be writing it up for the DropBox.

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Bob Engelhardt

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