Analog out +/-10V, op-amp?

I have servo drives that take a +10V to -10V analog input. The +10V to -10V
signal seems to be one of the standards for servo drives and I'm wondering
if there are standard op-amp circuits to convert a 0-5V analog signal to
+/-10V signal? I'm guessing that you would just make an op-amp circuit with
a gain of 4 and give it a 2.5V offset, Right? I have some software that
will give PWM output, would you use the same op-amp circuit and just use an
RC filter on the input side?
If I remember right from over 20 years ago at college, I would use a
resistor, perhaps 1K between the inverting input and 2.5V(offset amount)
abouve ground. Then a feedback resistance of 3K between the output and
inverting input. The signal in would go to the non-inverting input. OK,
with the inverting input and non-inverting input both at 2.5V, would the
output be 0V or 2.5V?
I thought since +/-10V seemed to be pretty standard among analog outputs,
someone might have a link to a circuit that I could use.
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