shaper disassembly

The table on my Vernon bolts to a casting I'd call a saddle which slides
crossways, actuated by the cross-slide screw. That casting is bolted to another
casting which slides vertically, actuated by the table raising screw. This last
casting, which might be called the cross rail, is machined with female
dovetails. The main shaper body has male dovetails machined for the cross rail
to slide up and down on. There is no way possible for the cross rail to come off
the top or the bottom, therefore the only way to remove it is to back off the
gib screws, remove the gib (which is less than half as long as the dovetail, so
it could be pushed down and removed with the cross rail fully elevated) and
remove the cross rail straight out. Can this be correct? It seems amazing to me,
like so many things about shapers.
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Grant Erwin
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But maybe you can take off the top of your shaper? Don't have the URLs of your pics at hand.
To me too.
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Nick Müller
Hi. you sure aren't wasting any time taking the shaper apart.
Since you seem to be in a buying mood, have you looked at the lathe the Washington surplus has down in Auburn?
The EBAY item number is: 280027806778.
Grant Erw> The table on my Vernon bolts to a casting I'd call a saddle which slides
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