Sheet Metal Work in Atlanta (Marietta) GA?

I'm looking for a sheet metal fabrication shop in the Marietta/Roswell GA area interested in doing a small pilot production run (100 pcs) of an 3" x

2.8" x 1.5" aluminum enclosure for an electronics board (power supply). Can you guys give me some suggestions?


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I work at a fab/machine shop(Georgia Metalcraft) in the NW corner of Ga., just south of Chattanooga. We regularly do work for Atl. area customers, this sounds like the kind of job we regularly do. If you like you could fax a copy of your prints to (706) 820-9642, or e-mail them to gametalcraftATcomcastDOTcom. I will double check that e-mail addy to make sure it's right, haven't used it in a while. 100 3x3x1.5 Alum. boxes wouldn't weigh that much to ship or we might even deliver it in person, depending on the circumstances.

Regards, Jim C Roberts

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Jim C Roberts

I'm not in Atlanta and don't know of a shop that can do it but are you locked in to that size? If you can go a little larger BUD Industries makes a ton of standard boxes in different styles that might work and I'm sure it would be quite a bit cheaper.

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I don't know if they sell direct but lots of electronic suppliers carry their products.

Best Regards, Keith Marshall

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Keith Marshall


thanks for the input, but I am locked in to a specific design due to the PCB layout and heatsink requirements. I've looked at Bud in the past and did not see anything that would work for me.



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I've had a couple of responses close to home. Let me get back to you if these dont' work out.

thanks for responding.


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