Sherline milling "collet"

There used to be an accessory for the Sherline lathe for doing milling. It held the mill with a setscrew. It was NOT a drawbar collet. I never got around to getting one before. My usual source of Sherline accessories no longer sells any Sherline stuff. I want to do a lot of milling now, and need one of those gadgets.

I went on line and did a google search for this accessory and could not find any. What exactly was it called, and who handles it now?

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Don Stauffer
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Robert Swinney

go to

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and look under mill accessories.

You will pay list price but you will have it quickly. Not sure how much discount dealers are giving these days anyway.

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Chuck Sherwood

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Perry Murlless

Take a look at eBay Item 7561198037

If this is what you mean but you need a different size, just look at sellers other items.

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Fred R

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