Should there be this much paint?

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"Michael Koblic" wrote in news:hmcg0o025h4
The trailer deck is completely wet under the lathe. Nice of them to uncover it in a rain shower to take a picture. That level of care speaks towards the quality of the 'restoration'. Any time I see a completely repainted machine I assume it had the 5 gallon rebuild.... as in painted only. Is the grass that green on the island this time of year? Anyway I am no southbend expert but it looks like the surfaces that should have paint are painted and those that shouldn't have paint are not painted so the paintjob seems appropriate, just a little to light a shade IMHO.
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Charles U Farley
A picture of paint vs a picture of machine, the ways near spindle are clues.
I'd arrange to see it in person before bidding.
I bid on a lathe once. I negotiated an agreement that the transfer of cash and sealing the deal was on acceptance at his place of business. I also brought my uncle with me as a second judge. This was an Ebay purchase.
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I think the picture was taken some time ago. The lathe is now inside a workshop. I did not buy because:
1) There was no way to assess the way wear. Looking at them they were dinged++ 2) The chuck has never been taken off. No way of assessing quality. Only one set of jaws. Spindle nose unknown. 3) No info as to tapers in head/tailstock 4) Motor not attached and no means to do so easily - some work required in this respect. 5) No way to determine the status of spindle bearings. 6) No change gears 7) No way to assess tailstock alignment.
I think the guy was on the level. He bought it as a restoration project which got abandoned half-way because of many other jobs. He had a massive (by my standards) workshop in an out-building of a private dwelling, including a total of *four* lathes (this one was the smallest), a big Bridgeport and a "little" RF40 as well as a complete smithy including a power hammer.
I am sure that somebody with experience would have been able to get around the issues and come to agreement on a good price and then restore the lathe to some sort of functioning level. Not me, sadly. The wait continues...
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Michael Koblic

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