simple way to bend sheet metal?

Hi all,

I need to bench a 4x10 piece of .032 aluminum in two points along its length, both at 90 degree angles. I've never worked with metal before so I just want to make sure, is there an easy, safe way to do this? I don't want to ruin a $30 piece of metal.


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I'd take it to any place that puts in home heating ductwork. They will have a finger brake and can do this in a minute.


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Karl Townsend

Assuming that's 4x10 *inches*, I'd agree with Karl. There is a sure and easy way to do it yourself, but you'll probably wreck a couple first, finding out how easy it is.

A HVAC shop probably will do it for nothing -- or for a beer.

Ed Huntress

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Ed Huntress

Since it cost $30, I assume you mean 4 x 10 feet, not inches. Could you describe the desired bends more? How long is each and how far in from the edge? Bob

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Bob Engelhardt

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Don Stauffer

Assuming that is a four foot by ten foot sheet of aluminum.............

I would use two pieces of 2 inch angle and a couple of C-clamps to clamp at where you want to bend. With .032 aluminum you can pretty much bend it by hand, but a rubber or plastic mallet will give you sharp corners. Some aluminum is prone to crack if bent sharply. Do you know what alloy and heat treat your metal is? If not you might want to bend a bit of a corner and see if it cracks. If it cracks, then it needs to have more of a radius. You can put a radius on one of the pieces of angle iron with an angle grinders ( quick ) or a file ( slow ).


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Dan Caster

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