Sine Bar for setting lathe tapers -Atten Nick Mueller

Nick was pretty excited about this recently.

=== From: Randy Replogle On Aug 5, 10:22 am

A guy I used to work with had a sine bar that had a base which was mounted between centers. The actual sine bar was hinged. I think he held the gage blocks and all together with rubber bands. I suppose he used a dead center under pressure to keep everything from moving.


**Dammit**! That is the super-precision way I have been looking for since long!

Thanks a lot!

Nick ===

I just recently came across several patents using a sine bar to do this. See:

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The first one looked the most promising if someone was going to try making one. I don't know if these were ever produced by anyone. Maybe someone here will know once they look at them.

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Thanks a **LOT**! Downloaded them all!


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======= New ones are available.

Some sources in the US are

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?PMPXNO=2724296&PMT4NO=28371076FWIW msc only sells to companies but Enco [same company] will generall order and ship MSC items.

You will also need a way to very accurately set the bar. Jo blocks are best but expensive. A space block set works well and is much cheaper. see

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Is this new? I have bought from MSC, they did have a $25 minimum.


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replying to Leon Fisk, Jimbob wrote: What you are talking about is a kingman white 2.5 mini sine . I love mine sadly they ain't made anymore but can be found on eBay don't be shocked when u see the price . The were over 4 bills new . If you get one without literature be sure to add .100 to your stack up . As the one roll is smaller this lets you stack smaller tapers

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replying to Jimbob, JimI wrote: I saw your August 2016 post concerning the Kingman White Mini-Sine. I also have one, but am missing the single sheet instruction manual. Do you have a copy that you could scan for me, or direct me to someone that does? Thank you for your assistance.

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