Sliding on concrete?

Anybody know what type of metal aggressive skaters use for sliding
on concrete? What are the properties that make it good for
I'm not planning to intentionally grind the concrete, but I'd like
some material that is durable and will slip on concrete. Conceivably
it can be disposable/replaceable if the replacement is not costly or
time-consuming. It is to be used as a short (about 1 inch) stopgap
between two skate wheels, so rocks and stuff (like a sharp angle
curb) cannot get in between and cause the second wheel to bind.
I'm considering using aluminum and coating it with super glue or
covering it with some material (to be recoated/recovered regularly).
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John Doe
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I cant help you...but Im still chuckling 15 yrs after my kid came to me and asked me to machine him replacement grinders for his skates.
I machined em out of Teflon. As I recall..he sprained his shoulder, wrist, busted a couple fingers and whatnot before coming back to me and asking for them to be machined out of something else.
So I made some from soft
My own skates have delrin grinders. Dont use em much anymore 54, I take too long to heal. So its easy skating now days.
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Gunner Asch
I am not really sure of the definition of grinding that you are referring to, but from the description you supply, it appears that what you are looking for are wear plates.
I would suggest HDPE or the even harder version of the Ultra high density polyethylene. This is what they use in gravel chutes to resist wear. It is slippery and will not impart wear on the curbs.
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Roger Shoaf
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John Doe
HSS with well radiused edges!
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand
Maybe if it were used as a plate on something less rigid. I'm looking at Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW). Might be the same stuff used for truck bed liners. Hopefully the local hardware Borg carries UHMW or something comparable. Tubing cut in half lengthwise might work.
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John Doe
McMaster-Carr carries it - all different shapes and sizes. Ken.
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Ken Sterling
I'm going to try UHMW tubing, cut in half lengthwise and shaped a little more.
Thanks for the replies, educational as usual.
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John Doe

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