Small plate clamp needed

Anyone have a very small plate clamp for sale? I thought I might take two

10R vise grips, and weld washers on to the screws, and then use two to hang the sheets while I line them up and get the first screws in them. A plate clamp may stick out too far, tho, depends on the throat of it.


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Steve B
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I put carabiners (snap hooks) through the back of Kant-Twist clamps to hang metal sheets. Small C clamps work well too, but scratch the galvanizing more.


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Jim Wilkins

Would beam clamps work? Electricians use them for hanging light fixtures from bar joists and I-beams. Like very small and heavy-duty c-clamps. My dad used them for a lot of stuff like you want to do. Electrical supply house may have them if a big box doesn't.


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Stanley Schaefer

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