Source for tire valve stem size fittings?

We use some small nitrogen tanks that have what I have always called a
"Shrader valve" port on them, used for adjusting the tank pressure.
Tanks are mounted in an ugly spot, I need to attach a semi permanent
flex line to the tank. Same fitting as a tire valve stem (0.305"-32
threads) Checking in comes up with plenty of "air tank
valves" (page 435) that are the male fittings. I need the female version.
These are fairly high pressure tanks (250 psi) so the fitting needs to
be high quality and heavy duty. The simple clip on fittings found on
12volt portable compressors are just not in the right range. Also, I
prefer that the fitting depress the shrader valve center pin but that is
not absolutely necessary. Something with a valve so you could screw it
one without blowing the charge would be really nice. I can deal with
either a 1/8" NPT outlet (preferred) or a hose barb outlet.
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Roy, Google is your friend (and a good spell checker too).. It's spelled Schrader This URL (I'm sure it wrapped and you're smart enough to unwrap it) has Truck valve extensions (page 20).. I bet you could hack the end off and make it anything you want.
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Dave August
Actually the air shock and air bag suspension booster people have "kits" that will do what you want. The air inlets on their products are all schrader valves. You take the core out, and use a small nylon line as an extension with a female schrader fitting to a remote location with a male schrader fitting with a core. Try your local car parts store.
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F. George McDuffee
The truck dual wheel extenders are exactly the right size to relocate the offending fitting to a decent spot. Reliability is an issue so I'd prefer not to cut and hack to get something to work. But I'm also hoping to get an npt tee in there somewhere to mount a gage.
Dave August wrote:
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Dually inner wheel valve extensions. JR Dweller in the cellar
RoyJ wrote:
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JR North
There is a valve with the same dimensions as a standard tire valve but it has a built in internal shutoff that is activated by turning an external nut to open and close the valve. They are commonly used on high pressure aircraft tires, nitrogen accumulators and a host of other high pressure applications. I think they are called Wein valves. I may have the exact spelling wrong but you can find them in any aircraft supply company. You can also find a screw on fitting that is used in conjunction with these valves that is capable of handling very high pressures up to 4500 lb or so.
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Milton has such things, a brass female fitting with knurled edges that screws onto a Schrader valve and an NPT thread on the other end. Run a couple of bucks. I've seen them in airbrush catalogs, you can run an airbrush off a spare tire that way. You'd have to make sure your valve was a tire-type Schrader valve, there's others out there that work the same way but have different threads. Not sure how they'd do 24/7/365 with that much pressure on them, though, they might leak.
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