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I've got a little BernzOmatic oxygen-propane/mapp gas torch that's designed to screw onto disposable bottles (the regulators and tank connectors are fitted to the ends of the hoses) and I want to convert it to air-propane.

No problem with the propane end, everything fits on the cylinders I have perfectly and the valve works just like it's supposed to.

The oxygen end is another story, however.

What I need is a fitting/adapter the regulator on the O2 hose can screw on to, just like the one on the cylinder, but after extensive searching it seems to be unobtainium.

If push comes to shove I can hack an old cylinder and get the valve that way, or turn the cylinder into an accumulator, but I'd rather start with a new valve if I can.

AFAIK the valve is a CGA 601, and the threads on it are left-handed external 1"-20.

Can anyone help?

Thanks, John Fields

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John Fields
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I'd go to a Welding supply and see if they have something.

They might have bottles of air - cheap - or hose or connectors.

Or a propane supplier that sells to welders - needing the same.

Keep us posted - I have the same unit but don't use it much - I have a bottle of O2 and 30 gallons of propane and a welding torch handle that is rated for propane. :-)

The big bottle of propane was for my furnace - has a high flow nozzle.

Mart> Hello,

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Martin Eastburn

No idea for helping, other than to mention that I tried it once without any success (the air just blew the flame out). I just figured it was set up for oxy and wouldn't work with air, and didn't pursue it any farther.

If you have better success I would enjoy seeing it, or if not, that too. Those little torches are neat for small jobs, and I've always thought it would be handy to find a way to adapt a disposable oxygen cylinder to the fitting (other than with tubing and hose clamps).


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Jon Danniken

Hey, did you ever find a CGA 601 adapter, or did you have to weld a hose connector to your empty oxygen bottle? I'd like to connect my full-size oxygen tank to my small oxy mapp torch too.

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