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This information might help people looking for large capacitors to make rotary phase convertors. I went to the city dump yesterday and on top of finding a working chainsaw and picking up five pounds of copper I found six or seven large electrolitic capacitors. There was a whole pile of discarded air conditioners and each of the large ones had a capacitor or two.


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Electrolytic capacitors cannot be used in a phase converter. (You probably knew that.) Motor run capacitors are what is needed for that.

Unfortunately, most dumps don't let you take anything OUT!


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Jon Elson

Thats the best place to find them, most a/c units use a 25-45 mfd for the compressor and a 5mfd for the fan, the voltages for them a either 370-440 vac(counter EMF) i have been running one for many years with no problems. the black plastic start caps or hard start kits need to use the relay or the electrolytic cap will blow. the run caps don't


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Terry Thorne

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