Speaking of submarines (was: P-38)

--Years ago someone built a fairly over-engineered contraption
that looked a little like a cross between a P-38 and a trimaran. Crew
cockpit in the center connected to two outer hulls where propulsors were
located. The clever bit was that the connections were via arms that could
be raised and lowered hydraulically, so that while transiting from dock to
sea the cockpit was raised above the waves, but once it arrived at an
interesting bit of sea it could be lowered *below* the waves, using the
outer hulls as floatation.
--Anyone recall any more details about this thing? Seems to me
it's a design just aching for a bit of JW-style bodging... :-)
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On Sat, 30 Aug 2003 01:35:04 GMT, "AL A." pixelated:
Does anyone else find it ironic that a desert dweller is selling submarine plans?
Having lived there for a year, I know that Phoenix is smack dab in the middle of Fort Stinkin' Desert.
That said, it looks like a fun project.
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Larry Jaques
Ive got two sailboats in my yard, and used to do a lot of fiberglass repair to sailboats and surfboards. Im about a 100 miles from Death Valley
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