steel for small backhoe bucket pin?

My father-in-law, a retired Boeing engineer, borrowed a neighbor's (old) tractor which has a backhoe attachment. It has a small bucket, maybe 10" or 12" wide. My father-in-law Jim has a big heart so when he saw how bad the wear was around the pin holes he volunteered to fix it. Which, of course, means he volunteered me to fix it. :-)

We've figured out how to fix the holes - we're going to bore out some 2x1/2" steel strap (aka flat bar) and weld it to the sides of the bucket. I'll need to make a longer pin. See

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What is the best steel to fabricate the pin from?


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Grant Erwin
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This would be a prime candidate for using the carbon rod to weld the holes back to tolerance.

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I will be waiting for the "real" answer, but I made mine from 1144 stressproof, or is it 1141, I can never remember. They seem to be working well, but I only use my machine (an old Ford 4000 Industrial with a 12 foot backhoe) occasionally. I didn't harden them, figuring that it is easier to replace a pin than the bushings. As you may know, that stuff machines like a dream. I had a friend bore out the old bushings and replace them with appropriate hard bushings.

Pete Stanaitis


Grant Erw> My father-in-law, a retired Boeing engineer, borrowed a neighbor's (old)

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I redid my whole backhoe with W1 rods from McMasterCarr many years ago. Pins are still in great shape.


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Karl Townsend

The way I have fixed those bushings is to grind them out so an oversize piece of stock can fit in the hole. Bore out the stock to fit the new pin. Make up the new pin to fit the bushings. weld in the bushings with the pin in place to align the bushings. Dont go overboard welding the bushings in because of a chance to warp them. If you have a reamer that is not a problem.

The pin should be case hardened but if the machine is not going to see commercial work I wouldn't bother. No grease on the pins or the dirt will just make grinding compound out of it.


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That's not too big of a deal, biggest problem is that the pin's been turning in the bucket holes instead of the dipper's hole.

I think I'd cut the holes out of the bucket and weld bushings in. There's going to be very little wear taking place as long as you secure the pin to the bucket, sched. 80 pipe would be a good place to start, or just bore some round stock and part off for bushings.


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The pin looks fine, the bucket holes are eroded - weld them up and grind to a better fit? - besides, seen many working backhoes a LOT worse than that. Only a problem if your trying to take 1/2 inch cuts - and very few operators are that good anyway.....

(Yes, have seen em - uncovering manhole lids buried under lawn......a marvel to behold, a true craftsman doing precision work..)

Andrew VK3BFA.

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Andrew VK3BFA

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