Straightening Rolled Welded Wire Mesh

Has anyone found a good way to straighten wire mesh solo?
The grass isn't thick enough to just walk on it and have it bend the
other way. Maybe a big rubber mallet? End of a 2X4?
I've looked on the Internet and can't seem to find anything, somebody
must have found a way to do this without crawling on one's hands and
knees bending it back by hand.
Yes I know I should have bought flat wire to begin with, but I'm
trying not to run out of money.
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Quarter inch rod with a hook on one end and a tee handle on the other ? At least that might let you do it standing up ...
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Terry Coombs
Roll it up in reverse direction. The radius will have to be determined by experiment. JR Dweller in the cellar
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JR North

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