Surface Grinder: FREE to good home

I have a LaSalle Surface Grinder 6 x 18 manual. Don't have room for it anymore.

It needs some minor TLC as it leaves chatter marks in the work and the downfeed wants to stick a little. It was on my list to fix up but they gave away a real nice Bridgeport at auction. Easier to buy cheap than fix so I bought it.

I ain't messing around with crating and shipping or I'd put it up on Ebay. Come and get it - don't ask me to load it for you. I'm setting it out at the recycle steel pile next week. The local yard is coming to pick up all the junk steel for free. You might as well get there first.

Karl Townsend

In beautiful Dassel, MN

50 miles west of Minneapolis
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Karl Townsend
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Karl hello i guess you had enough shipping the bandit control , I would stop by but the junk man would beat me there

Harold Altland

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Been trying to reach you. Definately have good home for Grinder.

Please contact me if you can.


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John Hofstad-Parkhill

Man, you hit the nail on the head. Shipping this to you was a total PITA. At least I got $500 for it. Hope you got good use out of that control.

I have three takers so far. John - you're first. I hold for you till Saturday.


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Karl Townsend

I just bought one like yours and would like to put a dro on it can read verticle movment of .0001 I am grinding down tap shanks form .8 to .6250 +- .0001 am trying to to spend more than the grinder. Don Huseman

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Don Huseman

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