suspended tv stand

I've been pouring over McMaster-Carr / MSC catalogs and it seems that
I'd be able to support (in tension) a rotating slighly eccentric load
with a linear bearing. It seems to me that a 2" diameter solid rod
sandwiched into the bearing by means of clamping collars would keep
the whole affair up and allow it to rotate. It seems to me, that
linear bearings that can recieve a 2" diameter x ~6" round can handle
some eccentric loading. Some of these bearings are a bit pricy but are
real stiff and I'm thinking can handle the detail in a compact manner.
My previous "lazy Susan" idea was crude I think.
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Vittorio scribed in :
a local dentist had a PC monitor on a swing arm. the arm coudl extend over the patient in the chair. he had a long thin camera that he used to take pix of the inside of the patients mouth. pretty cool, you can see it live on the screen in front of you, so he can point out the problems etc.
sadly, the dang thign fell on some poor woman in the chair. 19" monitor are heavy.
take good care to engineer your support properly, such that it can and will support the static weight, and can and will survive the dynamic loading of the thing moving, including long term toritonal variation, and long term fatigue effects.
have fun, you'll learn a lot
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