T-slot Cross Slide Sources?

I've got a 4-1/4" Mashstroy Troyan lathe that I'd like to fit a t-slot
cross slide to, but I'm not having a whole bunch of luck finding
suppliers for t-slot plates. I'll probably end up having a machine
shop mill the base to fit my lathe. Anyone know of any suppliers?
Matt Turner
Turner Racing Shells Ltd.
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Matthew Turner
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They have a t-slot cross-slide that you might be able to adapt to your machine.
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Randal O'Brian
Hmmm ... from the "Ltd." in your .sig line, I would suspect that you are in the UK -- and that therefore what you have is what we would call an 8-1/2" lathe (total swing, instead of center height over bed), which may make it close enough to the one which MLA makes (as a casting) for the 9" South Bend lathes. They are here in the USA, so the shipping cost may make it prohibitive, but you might want to check out:
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or more specifically:
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I was considering it for my 12x24" Clausing, but it is just a bit too light for that.
I see that he has shipping costs to various locations, including a generic "overseas", which is $28.76 -- at a guess perhaps 20 UKP. The cost of the casting is $41.25. You should be able to tell from the measurements on the drawing whether it could be fitted to your machine.
Note that he far prefers telephone calls to e-mails -- which suggests that he may be slow in responding to e-mails.
If you care -- he is located in the state of Pennsylvania -- on the Eastern side of the United States. That puts him a lot closer to you than if he were in California, at least. :-)
I hope that this helps, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
As a further note, if you order the slide for the Atlas lathe, you get a cross slide with T-slots the full length of the slide, instead of partial as with the SouthBend one. There is a LOT of spare metal in the casting, I machined one a few years ago and made a pile of chips to fit it to an Atlas. I don't remember if the drawing gives the finished dimensions or the as-cast dimensions, but I had to remove over an inch of metal from the inside of the dovetail area to clean it up. Steve
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Steve Steven
Do you have an url for the Atlas cross slide? The other slide is a bit small, and I'd prefer to have all the t-slots. The main use for this will probably be light milling on bronze and aluminum castings, and I'd prefer to get a plate closer to 6"x12" with 6" of travel. Right now I've got a vertical slide that came with the lathe, but it only has 4" of travel, can clamp in 4" vise jaws, and it can't be turned parallel to an arbor in the lathe. So milling is confined to pretty small pieces, and it can't be set up for milling small gears, or used with angle plates etc. Btw, located in Canada. Glad to know my 4-1/4" lathe isn't so small after all...
Matt Turner Turner Racing Shells Ltd.
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Matthew Turner

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