Boxford cross slide.

I own a Boxford 4 1/2" Model A lathe.
It is provided with a standard cross slide and a T-slotted cross
They are both engraved 90-0-90 degrees,
However, the standard cross slide has the 0 degree setting along its
axis, but the T-slotted slide has all the settings about 15 degrees
anti-clockwise with respect to the axis.
Can anybody expain to me why?
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David Sharp
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Could it be anything to do with thread cutting? ChrisR
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It would seem that one has been wrongly marked. Is the T-slotted slide perhaps an aftermarket product, that could be incorrect?
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Kevin Steele
On my CUD, the protractor engraving was on a separate metal ring that was inserted into a circular recess on the cross slide. Since there is no register I would think that it has been replaced out of alignment on the T slide.
-- Regards, Gary Wooding
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Looking closely at my slide, I can just see the separate ring which has been engraved. There is no practical way in which it can be removed and replaced correctly. I will just have to use my standard cross slide for work that requires rotation, and my faulty T-slotted slide for other work. At least, I now know that the calibrations was not for some other special purpose.
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David Sharp

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