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Hello all,
Dumb question: is there anything special about the way table travel
numbers are measured?
I ask because in dimensioning a drawing, I noticed that some of the
numbers were getting a little large for my mill. Looking in the manual,
I was perhaps going to have to change something; it listed 16-1/8
inches. That sounded short to me, and I in fact measure it somewhere
over 19 inches. By that I mean crank it pretty much all the way to one
side, then all the way to the other and note the distance between the
spots under the spindle. An HF manual for "the same machine" shows a
travel just over 19 inches, which matches my experience.
Is the 16+ inch number more honest, or is it just wrong?
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Bill Schwab
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It might relate to the travel that you get with a power feed attached to the table... these have a tendency to gobble up a couple of inches of movement.
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand
Or written by someone unfamiliar with this form of numbers who doesn't recognize that 6 and 9 are different numbers denoting different quantities. Gerry :-)} London, Canada
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Gerald Miller
Good point - the 19+ is with the feed. The absense of "whatever you do, don't push it that far" replies is encouraging. Thanks!
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Bill Schwab

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