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Hello all,

Suppose you had to make something like this:

+----+ | A | | | | +---+ +----------------+ | +--+ | | | | +--+ | | +---+ +----------------+ | |C D | B | +----+

By "clamp" below, I am assuming it will be held in a vise. It could be bolted to a sacrificial plate; there is certainly nothing to prevent a couple of holes being added for that purpose.

The outer dimensions look like they will be roughly 1.6" square and

0.49" thick. The notches in the sides of the T are the part that have me going. I could either clamp the T with A-B parallel to the table (giving my rounded notches), or I could clamp with A-B vertical, giving me the (preferred - sorta) square notches.

Is that a good way to clamp with A-B vertical? Obvious choices include putting parallels at C and D and trying to seat it on them, or clamping high enough in the vise to cut by moving the saddle.

I _think_ I will "change from a square to a T" with A-B on parallels and C-D sticking up, but suggestions are welcome. The top of the T is thicker than shown (roughly 1/3 of the height).

I don't so much care about the "bottoms" of the notches being square as I want the walls to be reasonably parallel to the top. A slighly deeper round notch would do the job. The bar of the T is almost an inch wide, so I can afford to remove the metal.

Hopefully this makes some sense. If you even got this far, thanks for trying to follow it! If you can further offer some good advice on clamping the thing, that would be a bonus :)


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Your description isn't quite clear. Do you mean that this part is cut from a block of steel that is about .5" x 2" x 2" and the stem of the T is about 1" wide ? Much of your description could be interpreted two ways, making advice difficult, but if you say how far from the bar of the T the notches in the stem are, how wide/deep/long they are, and how wide/long/thick the bar and the stem are, and whether the following is a correct view from the end, perhaps someone can help. +----+ | | | | |----| |....| | | |....| |----| | | | | +----+


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