The plot sickens

Watched the video of the launch of the balloon yesterday where they thought
the boy was inside. Many things: Anyone with the powers of observation can
see the balloon is barely lifting the plywood gondola attatched, let alone a
60# child. The balloon would have been elongated vertically. The
statements were that the family was "obsessed" with science. Someone who
was "obsessed" with science would have done testing to measure lifting
capabilities. Next thing: camera conveniently filming. Next thing:
obvious absence of restraint system(s). Next thing: dad's behavior was
exemplary, kicking lawn furniture.
No wonder the kid took off and hid. Wonder if dad was a spanker?
Is it just me, or is this something that would be meant to look like a
flying saucer? The shape and covering, the shape of the gondola underneath,
everything. What was the purpose? Just to launch this thing, and let it
float uncontrollably into airplane airspace? If it was for weather
observation, let's see the payload package, and retrieval and location
system. It looked like it couldn't pick up a bowling ball.
This doesn't pass my smell test.
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Didja hear that the family was in "Wife Swap" (or whatever it's called) last year? IMHO anybody who's picked for one of those so-called "reality" shows has got to have some serious issues; the networks won't put you in unless you make good fodder for the geeks who like to watch freak shows. (Sure, I know that the "geek" used to be the guy who tried to entice folks into watching the freak shows in the old carnivals.)
Yeah, the plot does look weirder all the time.
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In one of the first "interviews" one parent asked the kid why he didn't come out when he heard them calling. He said, "You told me we did this for a show" In two later interviews, the kid puked while his dad was trying to bullshit the reporter about how the kid was "confused" about that. LOL
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Subscribe to the alt.slack newsgroup and check out the thread titled:
News Flash! - My Son Worked for Balloon Boy's Dad!
by Original Poster: Rev. Ivan Stang
for the complete lowdown on balloon boy's dad. Dave
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Wuz gonna post the same thoughts. All true. I'm no LTA engineer, but even my untrained eye can tell that balloon is no way big enough to lift 10#, let alone a 60lb kid. Dad, a "science freak" would know this instinctively too. The whole thing was a sick publicity scam; the Dad should be made to pony up for the costs of the resulting panic/search. Some time in the Iron Bar Hotel, bending over for the Initiation Committee would straighten him out in a hurry. JR Dweller in the cellar
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