there is a way to bend tube with a pipe bender

ok so lets say you wanna bend 2 inch "OD" tube .120 wall well heres
how to do it on the stupid crap "HF bender" i got the 2 inch pipe die
is 2-3/8 "OD" so here we go all i had to do was take a piece of 2 inch
pipe = 2-3/8 "OD" stainless is best ok so then you use a chop saw and
take a 6 inch piece of pipe thats what i used anyway start cutting it
into 1/4 piece so you have 24 pieces of pipe 1/4 inch wide now all you
do is place the rings on your tube to bend about 1/4 or maybe 1/8
apart so they sit in the die at the bend point and you now can make
bends as good as any bender on the market a little more work but um in
canada your american tube benders cost you 279$ and cost us 3000$ for
a JD2 so at that price you make things work right here
any questions email me "" my name is nathan
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nathan wrote in article ...
At .120 wall, you could almost bend that tubing around the trunk of a tree and not kink it.
Drop that wall thickness down to .095 or .083 and observe the little kinks that your "system" will leave.
And, your method does not address one of the most popular tubing applications....1-3/4" x .095 wall?
That is what is used in most North American oval-track roll cage assemblies, and many of the inquiries about tube bending involve that particular tubing.
And, have the school systems stopped teaching that the dollar sign ($) goes in *front* of the number ???....$279....$3000....and punctuation, and capital letters at the start of a sentence to make a written statement more readable??
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Bob Paulin

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