Thermostat set back and other energy savings

We're setting the six thermostats back to 45 deg. at 4:30 closing time and 65 deg. at 6:30 AM, 1/2 hr. before opening. This seems OK for the people and the thermostats won't go below 45. Our gas bills chart usage so it will be easy to compare to last year. We also have fans near the ceiling to move hot air around corners that come on with the heaters. We covered a lot of windows with shrink film and hit any cracks with "Great Stuff". Thanks for all the ideas!

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Tom Gardner
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A few years back at work, we got a freezing spell sort of sudden, an electrical room had its door open but they hadn't yet closed the outside vent. An operator nearby got cold and closed the door to the room. Sprinkler heads froze and drenched a 4160 volt transformer, switch gear and a motor control center. Just something to consider, make sure the coldest areas don't get cold enough to bust pipes and such.


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If Tom has a security system, I've found temp alarms to be very useful. have Lo/Hi alarms in the coolers, freezers, greenhouse, and a couple in my home.


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Karl Townsend

Thanks for all the ideas!

One more idea. Set the thermostats back to 45 deg at about 4 O'clock. It will take a little while for the building to cool down enough to be noticeable.


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Let us know how it works out. Our house had an un-insulated basement. So, the big wall of my shop was just 8" of bare concrete on both sides. I applied 2 layers of 2" insulation foam to the exterior of the wall, expecting a big improvement in heating bills. I was disappointed that I really couldn't find any decrease in bills. On the other hand, I really FEEL a difference working there in the winter. I used to have to wear a jacket, now it usually is comfortable in just shirtsleeves.

Later, we had an energy consultant come in and find all the leaks, and I ripped the walls apart and sealed a bunch of leaks, mostly around windows. Again, I couldn't really tell much of a difference.

Hope your results are better.


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Jon Elson

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