Online Videos: Screamin’ F2H Banshees, Ploesti B-2 4s & “Back Door” P-38s

Zeno's Warbird Video Drive-In Big August 2009 Newsletter
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to take in this month's six exciting combat documentary films playing
over the Internet. There's a Drive-in Premier and four films
commemorating the 66th anniversary of the daring low level B-24 raid
on the Ploesti oil fields on August 1st, 1943.
As always, all of the videos showing on our web site are for your free
viewing pleasure.
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=93Naval Aerial Tactics Featuring the F2H-2 Banshee=94 (Color) New -
Premier! Produced by the Navy Department during the Korean War, this
unique film is compelling today for two reasons. First, it features
truly outstanding color footage of F2H-2 Banshee fighter/bombers
operating singly and in squadron formation, dancing agilely among
towering cumulus clouds. Second, it opens a fascinating window on US
Navy carrier launched fighter operations and tactics at the time of
the Korean War. The film addresses three main "problems" in areal
tactics: intercept, escort and attack, and defense. Using a
combination of live action and animation, you'll learn about how to
optimize your approach angle for a minimum deflection gun shot when
intercepting an intruding bomber (no air-to-air missiles yet!),
Various squadron formations to suit different tactical situations,
effective combat air patrol operations for carrier protection, options
for escorting bombers to targets, optimizing fuel consumption in
various operations, working effectively with carrier air controllers,
carrier approach and landings, tactics for attacking enemy formations,
and how to avoid stalls during combat, are just some of the subjects
covered in this information packed film. We give it our highest rating
for combat aircraft fans everywhere!
=93The 98th Bomb Group:Liberators Over North Africa=94 Exclusive
\production from Military Arts Pictures. This recently discovered
footage shows Medal of Honor winner Col. John R. "Killer " Kane and
the men of the 98th Bomb Group in the Summer of 1943, shortly before
the heroic, costly Ploesti mission, at their desert base in Benghasi/
Benina, Libya. You'll see legendary B-24s like 'The Vulgar Virgin,
"The Sandman," and "War Cloud." Sadly, several of these ships were
filmed here for the last time before they were lost over Romania.
There's an unexpected gem too. Soon after the Axis surrender in
Tunisia, 9th combat cameraman Jim Bray hitched a ride on a B-24 and
filmed all the major North African targets the 98th had hit from the
air, from El Alemein to Tunis. You'll see Tobruk, Tripoli, Benghazi,
Bizerte and more from the air, the way pilots and crew saw them during
the Desert War. And the big Liberator goes in low too so you can take
in sunken warships, clamoring liberty ships unloading their cargos,
and bombed out harbors that have long since been rebuilt. This is a
priceless time capsule.
=93Medal of Honor: Ploesti August 1, 1943=94 On August 1, 1943 specially
trained elements of the 8th and 9th Air Forces flying B-24 Liberators
based in Benghazi Libya launched a daring low level attack on Ploesti,
over 1,200 miles away. They struck hard, but the cost was high.
Unescorted by fighters and coming in literally at tree top level to
surprise the enemy, 54 out of 162 of the attacking bombers were lost,
along with 540 American air crew. Every member of the attacking force
was awarded a medal, including 5 Medals of Honor, the highest
decoration awarded by the U.S. military. Of the Medal of Honor
recipients, only Col. Leon Johnson, 44th Bomb Group, and Col. Jon
"Killer" Kane, 98th Bomb Group, survived the mission.
=93Air Siege Ploesti: March to August 1944=94 The capture of the Foggia
airfield in on the Adriatic in Italy in 1944 provided the 15th Air
Force with a new base to launch a new series of Air attacks on
Ploesti. This time, B-17s and B-24s attacked with fighter escort at
high altitude. Losses were again heavy, with over 1,800 air crew lost
to FLAK and enemy fighters. Accuracy suffered when defenders used
smoke pots to obscure the target, so P-38s were used as dive bombers
to penetrate the defenses. Soon P-51s helped to achieve total air
superiority over the target. By the end of the Ploesti air campaign in
the fall of 1944, 90% of Romania's oil production was knocked at a
cost of 270 bombers and 49 fighters and their crews. Narrated by
Ronald Reagan
=93B-24s Get Back=94 Many of the B-24 crews who survived the Ploesti
missions swore that they owed their lives to their rugged Liberators.
This remarkable film that shows how B-24s overcame incredible battle
damage to bring their crews home. Numerous examples of seemingly
critically damaged B-24s making it back. This is a fascinating
instructional training film too with specific techniques to bring your
badly crippled ship down safely. Some great B-24 combat footage too.
=93Back Door Gang P-38s -- 430th FS Color Scrapbook=94 Newly discovered
color film of the 430th FS, 474th FG, 9th Air Force. From the get go,
the 474th was configured as a ground attack unit, but they also
provided bomber escort and level bombing, led by Norden equipped
"Droop Snoops." One of three P-38 squadrons in the 474th, the 430th's
call sign was "Back Door," and its planes and pilots are featured in
the film in the Spring of 1945 at their base in Florennes, Belgium, a
former Luftwaffe Night Fighter base. You'll see intense (and rare)
color gun camera film showing strafing attacks inside Germany, as well
as color footage of B-26s and a P-61 Black Widow. Perhaps most
memorable are the all too brief, silent portraits of the men who flew
those dangerous missions. It's amazing how color film brings 60+ year
old images to life
If you haven=92t stopped by Zeno=92s Drive-In before, we also feature
1940-45 vintage WWII Army & Navy films and pilot=92s manuals on how to
fly the F4U, F6F, P-38, P-39, P-40, P-47, P-51, P-61, TBF/TBM, AT-6/
SNJ, B-17, B-24, B-25, A-20, A-26, B-26, B-29, and Stearman N2S .
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Online Videos: Screamin=92 F2H Banshees, Ploesti B-24s & =93Back Door=94
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