TIG welding 12L14

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I always thought this was impossible. Granted, he says it's not for importa
nt structural welds, but still, this opens up a new world to me. I'm pretty
so-so machining, and 12L14 just makes it so much easier to do passable wor
k. Also, I've been holding out for an affordable AC capable TIG rig to do a
luminum. If I can do this kind of welding on leaded steel, I'm a very happy
camper, and the TIG welder is coming sooner rather than later.
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Based on my experience, the video covers it thoroughly. Note that he used 309 SS filler wire, which is often used for hard to weld or unknown steels. I use Inconel 625, which is even more forgiving, but occasionally see something in the weld that, while not a crack, doesn't look exactly right. On the other hand, I don't remember ever having a weld fail. If, as the video says, you avoid highly stressed and critical joints, you should be fine.
The same advice applies to welding 303 SS. Not supposed to, but it works as long as you don't put too much faith in the welds.
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Ned Simmons

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