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I bought a weird looking old hammer/hatchet/prybar combination today at a yardsale today. I want to buff off the rust, or just steel wool it a bit to leave the character. What do you guys use to spray as a clearcoat on such items to keep them from rusting within six hours?


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Steve B
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Johnson's Paste Wax

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Gary Brady

Probably not suitable for this particular application but for long term clearcoat protection of bare metal you can't beat Nyalic (http://

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they use it on exterior of the space shuttle. Actually on second thoughts maybe its crap. Gregg The Gravel Pit Visual Diary of an art metal caster
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Warm up the steel (I use a hotplate) then rub a little wax onto it; a waxy rag rubdown gets into everywhere. I use paraffin/beeswax mixture or cheese wax for crude rusty items, and it works well. Don't do this for any fine threaded items, it makes them sticky. Washes off with solvent or WD-40.

Also possibly useful, turn brown rust to black rust by heating and brushing on some vinegar (not TOO hot, just boiling or so).

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