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I owned a tool & cutter grinder for awhile. I took a class in a local tech
college and learned some about how to use it, but most of it seemed to be tribal
knowledge, you had to learn at the hands of a trained guy. I wound up selling
that machine but before I did I ran across a great little book, out of print for
quite a while, simply titled "Instruction Manual" by the K.O. Lee company. I've
seen this book being offered for exorbitant prices by used booksellers, so
tonight when I saw one advertised on ebay I thought I'd mention it in case any
of you guys are in the position I used to be in. This book is worth its weight
in gold for anyone trying to figure out by themselves how to sharpen milling
cutters, reamers, taps, etc. on a tool & cutter grinder. Moreover, the seller
apparently doesn't know what it is so it's a "stealth" auction. I have no
interest in this item, owning one already, and I have no affiliation with the
seller. See ebay item 150025887296.
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Grant Erwin
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KO Lee still sells that booklet. I think that they get $75 for it. Much of the same sort of info can be found in a compendium of T&C grinder manuals (mostly UK-based) that John Stevenson sells on Ebay. The seller name is marypoppinsbag, I think.
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Mike Henry
Grant, can it be used with a Baldor 500 "tool grinder"? You can search ebay for baldor 500 to find some examples (double ended cup grinder with adjustable support plates). Or is that manual for some very special grinder?
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No, it isn't for that kind of grinder. It's for a tool & cutter grinder, the kind where the spindle can be rotated and set at different angles, and the workhead can likewise be rotated and set at any angle, and which comes with a whole cabinet of fixturing including really robust centers, etc.
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