tool & cutter grinding instructions

If anyone is contemplating bringing a tool & cutter grinder into
their life, learning to use it can be a seriously daunting experience. I
was very fortunately sent a book by some kind soul long forgotten, and
this book was very helpful to me. On a whim I called and found it is
still in print, and thus still available. The book is titled
"Instruction Manual -- A Handbook For Use With K.O. Lee Universal
Grinders And Tool And Cutter Grinders" and it is published by the K.O.
Lee company of Aberdeen, South Dakota.
If you are dead serious about learning, it may be worth your while to
order this book new, although at $75US it isn't cheap. Mine was printed
in 1979 and says "Price $6.00" so it has gotten a bit more expensive. On
the other hand, K.O. Lee are still in business and pay qualified people
to answer the phones for people like us, so you get what you pay for.
When I consider that I paid $140 tuition to take a night shop class from
a guy at Lake Washington Voc-Tech just to learn a few basic techniques
on a T&C grinder, I'd consider $75 reasonable. But most of you will be
smart enough to look on or another of the fine used book
search engines.
This book has dozens of expertly-photographed setups, and many useful
tables. It isn't a primer, though -- rather, it's a reference book for
grinder operators. I don't know of a primer, sadly.
Grant Erwin
Kirkland, Washington
getting ready to say goodbye to my T&C grinder (sniff, sniff)
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Karen Story
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I'll second that. I learned pretty much all the other machines in my shop by watching a little and then just doing. Not with the T & C grinder. For me, I wasted 100s of hours stuck in a rut. Then I went and watched a pro for an evening - the lights came on. Of course, watching the pro wouldn't have helped if I hadn't suffered first.
What! How could you!?
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Karl Townsend

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